How to become an architect

By Charles Cruse

What you can do while you are still young.

First you must have Straight A’s From 8th grade high school so you can get into a good architecture college . When you are in college get an internship at a local architecture firm for you have some experience on your resume . In college try to get a doctorate in architecture . Then you will be able to work for a good firm and make a lot money. Or you can start your own firm and make even more money .

Day to day of an architect

Most of what an architect does is Draw up plans for a house or building or statue. Then they will assemble a team of construction workers and team managers and project managers and supervisors. Next they buy land to put the building there. Then they will go there and build it . The whole thing will most always take over a year to complete.

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Pros in the field

A pro I chosen Norman Foster. He graduated Yale university of architecture masters program.He founded foster+partners in 1967. They have received over 470 awards. In 1999 he won the Pritzker Prize. One of his most notable work is Wembley stadium on London. Foster sold his firm and now owns 45% of the firm and now makes 5.6 Euros every year.