Supporting kids with cancer

What we do

Challenge is an organisation aimed at giving children living with cancer a much better life. We give children the choice to take part in many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and activities, from arranging to meet their favourite AFL player, to giving children tickets to the concert they've always wanted to go to.

Our History

Challenge was established in 1983 under the wing of the Australian Red Cross, and it only provided an annual camping experience for young people living with cancer.

In 1990, challenge evolved from an annual camping program, to become the first Victorian based organisation to provide families living with cancer a range of ongoing support and recreational activities.

In 1995, Challenge became an independent organisation after escaping from under the wing of the Australian Red Cross, and now gave full support 365 days a year.

In more recent times, 2011 saw Challenges biggest project to date, opening the Challenge Family Centre. The centre is now Challenges base of operations, and is also used as a place families living with cancer can hang out.

You Can Help By...

You can help Challenge by becoming a volunteer. Without volunteers, Challenge is nothing, so volunteers are the lifeblood. Becoming a volunteer can mean you get to go on fun camps, attend special events such as the Robert Allenby Golf Day, and even help out with admin tasks at the head office.