The Battle of Yorktown

by Shye Crocker

The date of The battle of Yorktown

The battle of Yorktown lasted from September 28, 1781 – October 19, 1781.

The Battle

The battle lasted a little under a month. The American's were fed up with the British invading their space.In October of 1781 the American Revolutionary War had been raging for six long years. The American colonist, in what had seemed an impossible dream at the beginning of the war, are about to win their freedom from British rule with a victory at the Battle of Yorktown.

Generals of the battle of Yorktown.

The battle pitted General George Washington, aided by French General De Rochambeau, against British General Lord Cornwallis.


The fighting at Yorktown cost the allies 72 killed and 180 wounded. British losses were higher and included 156 killed, 326 wounded.

The winning team!

The American's defeated the British and captivated the remaining.