BISD Library Rennovations

2015 Bond Proposal

Making the change from yesterday's book room to tomorrow's 21st century spaces to Connect, Collaborate, and Create
Today's libraries are in a state of perpetual beta; continual evolution and constant change to support 21st century learning. Libraries must fit the needs of their targeted audiences by being inviting, innovative and adaptable.

School Ratings

Prior to the bond, the schools were ranked according to the need of updates. The following is the ranking of the schools that are not scheduled to be rebuilt.

3.68 - Stephen F. Austin Stem Academy

3.47 - Gladys Polk

3.26 - Brazoswood High School

3.16 - Madge Griffith

2.97 - Freeport Intermediate School

2.95 - Rasco Middle School

2.79 - Lanier Middle School

2.34 - Velasco

2.26 - Lake Jackson Intermediate

2.21 - Clute Intermediate School

2.18 - Brazosport High School

All 21st Century Libraries should include:

  1. Flexible Spaces

  2. Collaboration Spaces

  3. Social learning spaces with soft seating

  4. Quiet learning spaces

  5. Spaces to market books not warehouse inventory

  6. Strong infrastructure of electricity and network connectivity

  7. Energetic and inviting spaces

  8. Technology, multimedia and social networking access

  9. Creation more than consumption spaces

  10. Color

  11. Natural light

  12. Access to the outdoors


Before determining the best course of action:

1. Review the suggestions made by each librarian.

2. Visit each of the schools to see the extent of work required.

3. Discuss possible options for each school.