Welcome to Your New High School

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes ... Turn and face the strange!

What were LHHS school administrators thinking? Of course, its students want change!

Never get old! Out with the mistaken thought that good is good enough! It's not! LHHS students want change! NOW! For while change is good. And, massive change is better. It's change for the sake of change that's best! Why depend on what's worked well in the past when your school can mature into embracing new traditions! It's time to reset the fundamental truths of education into some new FUNdamentals designed for impatient millennials!

TINHK DEFFIRNETLY ... put FUN back in the FUNdamentals!

We Welcome Change! However Frivolous!

Our motto is "Forget the Past. Embrace the New!" As we age, we change. And so should our attitudes towards everything. Forget the successes we now enjoy from embracing tried and true fundamentals and traditions. Embrace the unknown and untested. We live for hoped for results! Join us! You never know what will happen!