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April 16, 2013

Recent Happenings

There is a lot coming up this week in fifth grade! Spring Class Photos are REscheduled for NEXT THURSDAY (4/25), and fifth-graders should come wearing their 5th grade shirts. Also due Thursday are the order forms for photos, and Robert Crown permission slips. Robert Crown (Linda & Michael) will be held on Friday at 10 am. Poetry Day is on Thursday, and Patton school will be holding poetry workshops for students!


So far this week, we have been exploring energy transfers in toys. Students participated in a fun, engaging exploration where they mapped out energy transfers in a variety of toys (check out our photo video on the class website!). We will start preparing to learn how to create a variety of boats and small machines to further explore energy transfers.


We will continue reading Jr. Great Books, and participating in shared inquiry, word interpretation, and evaluative writing. Students are exploring such valuable skills!


Spelling will resume this week.


Students are finishing up their "Response to Fiction" essays. These will be put on their Google Sites!


We will be exploring Cause and Effect and continuing to learn about adjectives this week.


Our next unit in fifth-grade math will be Unit 9 (we have already completed Unit 8). Please return signed Unit 7 tests by Friday.

Upcoming Dates/Reminders

  • Spring Class Photos are this Thursday. Please wear your 5th-grade t-shirt.
  • Group Photo Forms/Money - due Thursday, 4/18 at the latest.
  • Robert Crown permission slips due Thursday, 4/18
  • Poetry Day/Poetry Workshops - Thursday, 4/18 (during school)
  • Musical Solo Tryouts - Thursday during lunch
  • Robert Crown (Linda & Michael) - Friday, 4/19 @ 10 am
  • Rocket Lab Permission slips - due Wednesday, 4/17
Energy Transfers In Toys

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