Destroy The Nazis

They Want to Rule The World But, Don't Let Them!

What Hitler thinks is a Good Way to Rule the World!

Hitler thinks that Jews or anything or anyone that they thinks isn't human gets treated like animals. If they we sent into concentration camps they would have to have they shaved all the way off and a number engraved into the arm and that what they would be known as while they lived in the camps. Also they would have to wear those blue striped pajamas as you see on the right in the picture.

What The Victims Went Through!

The life for the Jews got worse for them everyday. It started with the Germans torching and ruining there stores and homes, then it was the Jewish star being sewen into the clothes on the front and the back. The sent into cattle cars and sent away to labor and concentration or the worst of them all extermination "centers." If you were lucky enough to make it through the war, them you might be able to be liberated to set free.

Countires and Helping the Jews!


Help the Army and Win the War!

Help fight against things that are wrong. Help save those innocent people that are being murdered by the thousands because of the race and religion. Just come out help DEFEAT THE NAZIS!!