Vol. 10 ~ October 31st

Thompson's Talk

Quote of the Week

Your influence as a leader is directly proportional to the relationships you have with your team. Jon Gordon

It's all about the relationships! No matter the leadership position you are in relationships matter. Our students are so lucky to have teachers that believe in them and want them to achieve. Without this type of relationship, some students would not flourish at all. Thanks for building those relationships with your students. I am grateful for the relationships I have built with all of you! I could not accomplish what I need to without a team like ours! Happy Halloween!

Thanks for making our party day a quiet and calm one. As I write, two grade levels are partying and our school is still running smoothly! I know party days are hard. Have a restful weekend!

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Ring the Bell!

Thank you Tama Garrison for your dynamite effort in prepping the conference room for IDEA Day each week. You have stayed late or came early to decorate, have written encouraging notes, and purchased or made snacks specific to each grade level's personal favorites. Your desire to serve your fellow teachers is greatly appreciated!

A student in Mrs. Dobbins' class spilt ketchup all over her white lab coat for dress up day. Mrs. Rodriguez took it, laundered it and brought it back to her at the end of the day SPOTLESS!!! What an impact that make on this little girl!

A large number of 4th and 5th grade students jumped a threshold between the 1st and 2nd grade CBAs. Way to go!

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Caption This #2!

Important Dates

November 3rd
  • Field of Readers 6:00-7:30 MISD Stadium
  • Town Hall Meeting at MHHS at 6:30 for MHHS rezoning

November 4th

  • Urban Air Field Trip

November 5th

  • Team meetings with Shannon and Stacee
  • 3rd Grade IDEA Day
  • 3:15 New teachers to campus meeting
  • 3:15 Co-teach video with 3rd Grade
  • 3rd Grade Math CBA#2

November 6th

  • Lead Teacher Meeting
  • STAAR Accommodations meeting with 2nd, 3rd and 5th
  • 3rd Grade Math CBA#2
  • Picture Retakes

November 7th

  • STAAR Accommodations meeting with 4th Grade
  • PJ Day

Teacher Corner

Edutopia is a great resource and has many great articles. Click here for an article about positive relationships in the classroom. E-mail Shannon and Stacee a strategy you use to build positive relationships in your class and you may leave after duty is over on Tuesday! Please send by Monday.

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