Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions

By: Kamryn Hough


Leonardo Da Vinci was not just a great artist, but he was also a great inventor. Believe it or not Leonardo invented the parachute. Leonardo was always fascinated by the idea of human flight. He didn't create the parachute instead he sketched it and wrote about it. We don't know why he never built it.Even though he didn't make it Leonardo did come up with the idea of the parachute.

Diving Suit

Da Vinci came up with the far-fetched idea of diving suits. In his time it was a crazy idea, but he came up with the idea of repelling invading ships form underwater! The diving suits may have actually have been constructed. His idea was that the divers would have carried breathing hoses connected to a floating bell full of air. The men may even carry a bottle to go to the bathroom if underwater for an unpredictable amount of time.

Aerial Screw

Leonardo's Aerial Screw worked kind of like a modern helicopter. It was one of the most amazing designs ever sketched in his notes. The "blades" were to have been made out of linen, if they where spun fast enough it would produce a lift. Air pressure would then build up under the blades causing the "helicopter" into the air. It probably wouldn't have worked if he did create it and test it out, but the idea was unimaginable at the time.