Asteroid Is Coming!

An Asteroid Is Coming, but do not Panic!

Here are some past plans on stopping an asteroid

The following text you are going to read is about past plans to stop and asteroid that may be headed towards earth. Some of these ideas were good and some need lots of improvements.

1. Nuke the asteroid!

We can use nuclear bombs to destroy asteroids. This can be done by sending rocket ships with nuclear bombs into space and then launch the nuclear bombs into space and hit the asteroid. The problem is that we can destroy small asteroids completely, but if an asteroid bigger then 400 meters can be very hard to destroy. If a big asteroid is coming toward earth and we use nuclear bombs to destroy it, it may however split the asteroid or make it into chunks that still can wipe out life on earth and end life on earth. Another problem putting rockets on a nuclear bomb. It will be very hard putting rockets on a nuclear bomb because it may effect the way the rocket explodes. It may even blow the rocket before it hitting the asteroid and destroying other nuclear bombs.

3. Towing it

Another way we can stop an asteroid is using a probe tow truck. Everything has gravity, we may not feel it b but it there, even pebbles have gravity. If we send a probe to an asteroid, the gravitational force of the probe can change the direction of the earth and once again make it miss earth. The problem with this idea is that we need to know if the asteroid is going to hit is in years to a few decades in advance. We can do this now with the technology now, but of would take way to long to stop the asteroid or make it miss earth.