Rehabilitation for Veterans

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Recognizing the need of help

Many Veterans does not believe that they need the help of due to not knowing that they have a problem. Many Veterans after being deployed they start an addiction of drinking and using drugs there is also rehab for those that are handicapped also Traumatic brain injury . There are many times they abuse these things. Is there a way they can get help?

Help for Veterans that need Rehab

There are various Rehabilitation Centers that work with the Veterans more in depth that need help. There is a Program called: The Veterans Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation with hepls with medical , social, and rehabilitation therapies. This program offer : "very forms of treatments including detoxification, rehabilitation and psychiatric care". These treatments are located in the " U.S Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center and clinic". Most of the time the Veterans need to be enrolled to be able to get the treatment needed in the VA health care. This Programs helps for those with Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Rehab and Employment Programs

This programs help many handicapped veterans that need a job and it helps then find each and one of them a suitable job.

  • Provide counseling and even rehabilitation program.
  • Evaluation need to be given to see each of there abilities, skills, and needs

"To be able to be evaluated you have to complete an application and meet with the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor." In this way they are able to determine if the employment handicap exist. " The VRC determines that you are not entitled to services, they will help you locate other resources to address any rehabilitation and employment needs."

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What does with people think of the Veterans and what does the military think

Many believed that many of these veterans sacrificed there life. They got injured protecting there country.

Military provides many help for those in need by giving them programs for they can live there life after serving for there country.


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