Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction has settings and characters that could happen in real life.


An autobiography is written by you about your life.


Romance is a feeling in which there is mystery and excitement that creates love.


is a series of events that the character faces and usually they are dangerous


Thriller is a genre in which the story creates suspense and pops out at the end to reader.


A Memoir is non fictional story about an author and the moments and events that had happened in his life.


Fantasy is a story that can take place anywhere and it can have anything that will relate to fiction like zombies or spies.


A Biography is a non fictional story about his/her individual life

Science Fiction

Science fiction is when the author uses science predictions of other time periods and makes a story about someone or something that lives in that time period.


A mystery is a story where there is a problem or mystery and a climax. in most mysteries the mystery or problem always gets solved.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is when the author uses a historical moment and makes a story about it.


Humorous books have funny words or sayings in the book.