Nat Turner

By Keisha Hardee

After being a slave for 31 years Nat turner finally leads a slave revolt!

Nat turner lead a slave revolt because he thought it would help him and other slaves escape slavery.He lead the biggest slave revolt in history on August 21, 1831.He killed over 60 white people including his slave owner, Benjamin Turner,also his father.Before Nat Turner led his slave revolt he was a preacher for the slaves that were on his plantation. The rebellion was beneficial and detrimental towards the movement of abolishing slavery in the south. Nat turners wife was part of the slave revolt and was hanged along with Nat turner and several other slaves in Jerusalem,Virginia.

The economy went down after the revolt due to abolishing slavery after the revolt.

The economy in the south went down because slavery was abolished so there was no one to work the cotton gin or factories or on plantations in the south.It also affected the north factories because there was no more cotton being sent to them so that put lots of people out of their jobs.there was also a shortage of food cause there was no one to farm the crops.there was no more trade going on cause there wasn't anybody to load the boats or make supplies.they also had to build houses for the slave families but there were no materials so the slave had to continue to live in poverty.

Nat Turner made history and he didn't even live to know it!

Nat Turner wanted to kill all whites including his slave owner.he wanted to escape slavery so bad that it had to go to the extent where he killed people and he eventually got killed.he wanted north to know what was going on in south with slavery.He also wanted other slaves to start rebelling like he did so slavery would be ended in the south.

The revolt caused many problems for U.S

The slave revolt was one of the reasons that slavery was abolished in the south.Lots of white were arrested for having slaves after it was abolished.there was an overpopulation of children so they had to build more schools an ran out of materials.women still couldnt vote.lots of discrimination between african-americans and whites.