By: Maggie Torres

How do I become a Lawyer?

The path to becoming an attorney can be a bit challenging. It is important to start on your path at an early age and learn great study habits while still in high school. Reading comprehension and communication skills are extremely important for anyone that wants to become an attorney.

Salary Range?

The mean annual lawyer salary is $130,880, which is equivalent to $62.93 hourly wage.

Education Level Needed?

  • The education requirement to become a lawyer is a full time 7 years in high school and a 4 year completion of Bachelors degree. After the undergraduate studies, a person should finish 3 years of education at a law school.

Certification or Testing Requirements?

  • Every law school requires an individual to obtain an undergraduate degree.
  • Need to have a degree: Math or a Technical Science such as computer science, electrical engineering, chemistry, or biology.

Length of time to complete requirements?

In order to become a lawyer you need to have a 4 years undergraduate degree and then 3 years of law school. After you graduate law school you must pass the Bar exam, in your state, to become a licensed lawyer.

My career is available in what fields?

  • Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Employment Lawyer - Employees' Rights

  • Toxic Tort Lawyer

  • Property / Real Estate Law Attorney

  • Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Military Lawyer

  • Immigration Lawyer

  • Government Lawyers

  • Family & Divorce Lawyer

  • Estate Law Attorney / Estate Planning