Help Us Raise Money!!

For candidate Kaitlyn Robards!!

Come hear Katy Perry in concert!!

The Federal Campaign Finance Act of 1971, made it to where special favors of businesses or individuals could no longer be done. I agree with this act because it made sure that elections are as fair as possible. No matter on who you know or how much money you have! But Katy Perry is donating a free concert to the first 100 fans, this is just a generosity movement and even if you decide to not vote for my presidency I still want everyone to come out. The federal campaign finance act of 1971 approved the concert and Katy Perry does support my campaign!!


Thanks for the support!!!

Thanks to everyone who contributed $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund by checking the box on their tax forum!! It has helped out so much and I am so appreciative to everything that has been contributed. Also the soft money has helped out so much, the soft money are the donations given to particular parties but they were not designated for a particular candidate!! I am still so appreciative of everything!! One of my favorite PACs is Vets4Vets they support me because I also support organizations that help veterans!!