Come to Thailand

Jerry G. 2nd period Masengill

Come to Thailand!

Do you want to go somewhere beautiful? Do you want to go somewhere that will take your breath away? Come to Thailand where your fears will all go away! Thailand is a country that appears like a flower with a stem. There are beautiful places to go like the Railay Beach. Our economy is growing rapidly and centers in urban cities are growing! Thailand is a very strong country, and in fact, Thailand is the only country that hasn't been controlled by a European country, and Thailand means "land of the free". Most people live in rural areas, but many people, like me, are trying to grab job opportunities in urban areas like our nation's capital, Bangkok. The people here belong to the Thai ethnic group, and are mainly Buddhist. The people here love having so much fun that people have a tradition called Sanuk (which literally means having fun) and play Thai boxing! Coming here will make you "bloom into a flower!"

Slogan- If you come to Thailand, then you will "bloom into a flower!"

Geography/Climate of Thailand

Thailand has 4 major geographical regions. Thailand has mountains that fall in northern Thailand, the Khorat Plateau (north-east), the central region, and the Southern Peninsula. The northern part of this wonderful country has many mountains and is hugely forested, but trees are being cut down. Don't worry because our government is trying to stop deforestation, so our country can be a better place to live for our people. There is the plateau area that is about 1/3 of Thailand's land. This place is filled with water for you to drink like the Mekong River! This place is also drained by the Mun and Chi rivers which are the Mekong River's tributaries. The central region starts from the foothills of the north to the Gulf of Thailand. The soil here is very fertile so lots of rice is grown here. The Chao Phrya River flows through the central region and gives villagers transportation and irrigation. The last region is the Southern Peninsula. In the center part, you will find lots of mountains and jungles, and along the coast you will find plains.

Thailand has a very nice tropical climate. We have warm and dry seasons from March to about May, a warm but wet season from June to October, and a cool and dry season from October to February. We also have monsoons that gives us lots of rains so droughts do not occur too much.

People & Culture

Many people have immigrated here and had skills that enhanced our culture. Right now, there are about 65.4 million people living in Thailand. Many of these people are helping the growth of our nation's capital, Bangkok. Today, there are many minorities such as the Thai, Malays, and the Laotians. Many Chinese people immigrated here and they married Thai women and took Thai names, and brought over Buddhism. The main language that is spoken in Thailand is Thai. There are 4 different dialects that are the Central Thai, Northeastern Thai (Thai-Lao), Northern Thai and Southern Thai dialects. Today there are many different ethnic groups such as the Mon, Khmer, Tai, Chinese, Malay, and Laotian groups. All of these groups make Thailand a very diverse country.

If you were to come to this wonderful country, then you would have to follow some cultural rules. In Thailand, you have to smile. Not just to be happy but sometimes a smile is a good greeting or its like saying hello or thank you. You MUST show respect to our king. The national anthem plays twice a day and every time before you watch a movie. You must stand during this, and you cannot say any harsh words about the king. You must respect the religion of Buddhism and Buddhist monks. Before entering, you must not wear any tank tops or shorts, and you must take off your shoes. Women may not touch monks either. You must not touch any one in the head. The head is considered a very sacred body part that should be guarded. You can't point your feet at anyone or anything. In America this is difficult because many people use their feet to close doors and such, but try your best not to use your feet besides when you are talking.

Food is so important in Thailand that it gets its own paragraph. In Thailand, people eat differently than people in America, and eat different delicious foods. In Thailand, there isn't an appetizer, and it's not like each person gets their own dish. Over here, we are more friendly and share our dishes and get as many dishes as there are people. In Thailand, our food is delicious and have 4 seasonings. We have spicy, salty, sweet, and sour seasonings in our food and our food isn't considered exquisite unless we have all 4. In Thailand there are snacks called "snackers" and you can buy a quick and savory snack for just pennies on the road. Thai food is very delicious and is spreading throughout the world.

The Government and Citizenship

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. Our constitution was formed in 2007 and made the king the head of state. The prime minister is the head of the government is elected by the House of Representatives, and can't serve for more than 8 years straight. The National Assembly is formed of the Senate who has 150 members that have 6-year terms, and the House of Representatives who has 500 members that serve 4 years. The senators are chosen by judges or independent national oversight bodies. The representatives are chosen by about 76 constituencies which are electoral districts.

Thailand has many citizen rights for people like you! In Thailand, education is free and is provided by the government. Thailand is a very peaceful country and there is no discrimination for any race. In Thailand, the people are given freedom to follow any religion that they would like. Like America, Thailand has the freedom of press and speech, so people may say anything or write anything and not get in trouble for it. Children, the elderly, and any gender have equal and protected rights, so no gender gets discriminated.


Our nation has a well-developed free-enterprise system, that has fully recovered from the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis. Our nation was one of the best countries economically from 2002-04. Our economy has grown 6.9% in 2003 and 6.1% in 2004, and our economy is continuing to grow, while others may be slow in growth. Bangkok has made many trade partners and is trying to boost exports and keep the high growth its been getting already.

Thailand has an agricultural economy as well as an industrial economy mainly in Bangkok. Farmers grow crops such as rice, cassava (tapioca), rubber, corn, sugarcane, coconuts, and soy beans. Our industries create tourism, textiles and garments, agricultural processing, beverages, tobacco, cement, light manufacturing such as jewelry and electric appliances, computers and parts, integrated circuits, furniture, plastics, and automobiles and automotive parts.

Exports-textiles and footwear, fishery products, rice, rubber, jewelry, automobiles, computers and electrical appliances

Imports-machinery and parts, petroleum, iron and steel, chemicals, vehicles and parts, jewelry, fish preparations, electrical appliances, fertilizers and pesticides