Afternoon Pre-K Newsletter

Week of Oct 17, 2016

A peek at our week:

Is everybody rested up from the pumpkin patch? We are so fortunate to have Harvest Moon and Mrs. Wallerstead right next door.

This week we will be learning about shape patterns, tangrams, and GEO BOARDS!! I am so excited about those boards. We will also be talking about the letter D, reading Little Red Hen. With this literacy unit, we will read the same story as it is "retold" by other authors, compare the illustrations and retell it with our puppets! All in a short week, as we have an early out on Thursday-- 2:00 Dismissal, the van will leave shortly after loading up at 2.

A look ahead:

Conferences are this Thursday, and home visits for those that picked that option, will be scheduled this week. For those who have a "first-timer" conferences are 10 minutes long, and unfortunately we have to run a pretty tight ship that night, to get everybody in. I also have to be respectful of other teachers who have a conference with the same parents. :D

If your conference time will not work and you need to reschedule, please email me or give the school a call. Thank You!