Short Writing Assignment Two

Creating Your College Bucket List: Summary

Creating Your College Bucket List

The StudentLingo Workshop video "Creating a College Bucket List" is full of great advice and information. The challenge is to sift through it all in order to retain the key points. This is summarization and it is a very important skill that many take for granted. People use it most every day in a wide variety of situations. For SWA 2, students will view "Creating a College Bucket List" and write a summary of the most important information. Before beginning this assignment, students should review "Summmary Writing Tips" in D2L.


Page length

  • The draft must be a minimum of 1.5 pages typed.
  • Drafts that do not meet the minimum will not be evaluated and will be given an automatic grade of F (25). Do not try to get around this requirement by making the margins, spacing and font larger. Please also note that this is a minimum length requirement.
  • The Works Cited page is not part of the minimum page requirement.

Format: Margins, Spacing and indentation, Font, Pagination, Heading, Title

  • 1” all around
  • Double space throughout
  • ½ inch indentation of the first line of a paragraph
  • Times New Roman 12 pt font
  • Identification of your last name and page number in top right margin, ½ inch from the top margin.
  • See your Little DK Handbook for instructions on how the heading should be formatted.

You will need to include your name, my name, the course name, and the date. An example essay in MLA format is in the Little DK starts on pages 126-134.

The title of the essay must not be:

  • Underlined
  • In quotes
  • Boldface
  • In a larger font
  • Surrounded by extra space

Late penalties

  • Please see the syllabus for late penalties.

Use of 1st and 2nd person pronouns

  • Never use “you” or “your” unless in a direct quotation. Its use is informal and indefinite.
  • Avoid using “I” as well. There is usually a better way to write the sentence.

Works Cited

Works Cited is required. It will have the StudentLingo video as its one entry. You will need to use the LDK to format it correctly.


  • SWA's are not generally available for revision.

Short Writing Assignment Two Due 2-23-16