How I Nicky Flynn

By: Art Corriveau


this book is about how a boy named Nicholas Flynn has always wanted a dog. So one day his mom decided to go and get him a dog. When his mom came home she announced that there was a dog. Nicholas looked at the dog and right there he knew he hated it. His mom said " his name is Reggie." He hated the dog so much. His mom told him he is a seeing and blind helping dog. His mom wanted to him to give Reggie a walk and see if he would learn to like him. after awhile of getting to know him Nicholas started to get along with him. When him and his mom get in a fight he decides to call his dad and ask to go and live with him. Nicholas started to walk home and sees cops at his house. He wonders to himself "what is going on. Is my mom mad at me or something." Nicholas knows he needed to leave before his mom found him. I guess if you want to know more you will have to read the book to find out...

why someone should read this book

If you are in the mood for reading about dogs and mystery then you need to read this book.
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