Alexander Graham Bell

By: Ava Duncan

Alexanders Life

Born and educated in Scotland, Bell moved to the United States where he studied ways of teaching hearing impaired people to speak. At the same time he would experiment with sending voices through electrical wires.
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The Telephone Invention

The Telephone was a system that transmitted speech through an electrical wire so you could hear people from distances away. Typically its by voices. The first successful attempt happened in March 1876. The Telephone would convert sound into electronic signals suitable for transmission over long distances and replays such signals simultaneously in audible form for its users.

How it works

The sound waves that you create by speaking into a telephone's transmitter are turned into electrical signals that are carried along telephone wires and delivered into the telephone receiver of the person that you have telephoned. The telephone receiver of the person that is listening to you receives those electrical signals are uses them to recreate the sounds of your voice.

The Telephone makes life a lot easier and simpler

Why So Significant?

This Invention made life so much easier. People didn't have to write letters which would take days at a time, they could just call people on the telephone and talk to them. You could talk to people from greater distances they didn't have to be directly in front of you to hear your voice they could be in a few doors down and still hear you clearly. This invention has changed lives in numerous ways and still continues to.