Charles Darwin

Finches in the Galapagos Islands

One of Darwin's first discovery's were the different ways an organism will adapt to it's environment.

For example; The Galapagos Finches.

He studied the similarities between the island finches and the mainland finches.

He came up with the idea that he would swap the environment that each species lived in and see how well they adapted.

They each had different beak shapes and sizes suited to different foods in their different habitats, and the two species became dissimilar and a new species was created.

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Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin ( 1809 - 1889 ) was an English scientist who studied plants and animals. He is known best for his work on natural selection, which is the idea that every species has evolved over time from common ancestors.

The Theory of Evolution in 2 minutes

The Theory of Evolution in 2 Minutes.