Welcome to Heggo-tirvis

Jonathan Chojnowski,Logan Deen

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Welcome to the contrary of Heggo-tirvis

The country of Heggo-Tirvis is a large contrary with a lot of land and a powerful military. we are a giant island in between Africa and south america we also have many mountains and lakes . Our primary language is English are secondary languages are Italian and french. and each student must complete there elementary middle and high school years. we have a socialistic economy because we believe you can start your own business, but the government should have control and we are a monarchy. with a majority of a representative democracy because every 50 years we elect a new king to lead the contrary for the next 10 years before senate votes if they should be dethroned . our retirement age is 65 you can work up until 70 our tax rate is 30%. to join the heggo-tirvian military you must have to graduate high school and must pass a fitness test. to sum it up we have a total of 150,000.000.

Six freedoms

  • every 50 years you vote for a new dynasty
  • you can own your own business
  • buy propriety
  • no smoking indoors (includes your house)
  • to have any profession that you want
  • freedom of speech unless if its a direct insult (5 years in prison).

Four things that are iligal

  • any type of drugs (growing and using) (3 years in prison)
  • murder-killing other citizen (10 years in prison)
  • robbing-stealing (5 years in prison) -fined for amount stolen
  • street racing (1 year in jail 2 in prison if you injure someone.

Type of government

  • we are a monarchy that every 50 years the citizens select a new dynasty for the contrary for the next 50 years. every 10 years the senate votes if the king-queen is doing poorly as the leader and if 3 out of 5 say yes she-he will be dethroned and the second place candidate takes over.

Type of economy

We have a socialistic economy and we provide free health care and social security for our citizens. they have to pay for there own house and there own taxes of 30%.

sestems of government

parliamentary because we are a monarchy that has elections every 50 years for a new king

7 things that are fun in our county

  1. go on gambling cruses
  2. amusement parks
  3. movies
  4. sports games
  5. sky diving
  6. paint ball
  7. laser tag