Dust in the Past

The Dust

Dust Bowl

Life was starting to change in the 1931 when the dust bowl happened.

Crashing Disaster

The Dust is devouring the houses.

Before, During, and After

Dust Storms Still Happen Present Day

Present Day Dust Storms

We still have present day because we had one in Phoenix, Arizona and Houston, Texas
THE DUST BOWL: A Film By Ken Burns | Premieres Sun., Nov. 18th | PBS

THE DUST BOWL By: Ken Burns Then and Now

It became peaceful and quiet.Then when the dust came it turned terrible.
Phoenix Dust Storm 2012 Monsoon Phoenix, Arizona July 21, 2012 Haboob Dust Sand Storm Gilbert, AZ

Phoenix Dust Storm 2012

Even though we had dust storms back then we still have them in present day.