By Adam De Neys

The problem/task

The chicken's are invading earth but needed a way to get their army (the eggs) to the the ground. So they enlisted us to find a way to get the army to the ground without cracking, but I had limited supplies. I only had 2 rubber bands, 20 cm by 20 cm piece of cardboard, 3 cotton balls, 5 plastic straws, 2 pieces of paper, 5 packing peanuts, 50 cm of kite string, 50 cm of tape, 20 cm by 20 cm of plastic bag, 2 Dixie cups, 5 toothpicks, 5 Q-tips, 3 popsical sticks.

How we built the glider

We thought of a glider design so we took the cardboard and we taped it to the bottom of a Dixie cup witch we put the egg in with the other Dixie cup on top and cotton balls and packing peanuts.

The drop

When we finally dropped eggie he glided safely to the ground and came out uncracked. Which means the chickens can now get there troops safely to the ground.