The Patrick Henry Post

September 11, 2020

Big picture

Week 2 of Virtual Learning

Pictured above is one of my favorite moments this week - connecting with not only two of our staff members, Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Terrance, but also the newest addition to the Patrick Henry family, Mr. Gus Terrance! One of the most amazing benefits to virtual learning has been our ability to connect with one another on a more personal level, because many of us are literally sharing our homes through our screens. Though virtual is not our ideal scenario, it is opening up some new opportunities to connect on a different level. We love meeting your family babies, dogs, cats, and imaginary monsters that live under the bed!

Our teachers this week spent their time working with students to acclimate them to not only the basics of the iPad and Teams, but also to some new apps and new forms of academic content. They also spent a lot of time building routines, teaching the expectations, and establishing strong relationships both between student and teacher, and among the students. We are so excited to report that our student attendance rates have been consistently high over the past two weeks, and we are SO PROUD of our families for committing to this virtual learning process. Thank you for all of your efforts to get your students online every day on time for their virtual academic day. You are making this a real learning environment for our students!

What does virtual learning really look like?

Welcome to the first week of PreK!

Our youngest students joined us for their first week of school this week and we were so excited to welcome them back into the Patrick Henry learning environment. They did a wonderful job of learning the iPad with their teachers and families helping them, and they were so engaged in their first week of learning. Well done to ALL of our staff, students, and families in getting our prek students ready to learn!