All About Franklin D.Roosevelt

Alex S.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave people courage during hard times.Though many people think that he was the greatest president in our nation.Mr.Roosevelt was a diligent man even though he had a disability.Roosevelt was an amazing leader.

Early Life

Roosevelt did amazing things in his early life.Franklin D.Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park,New York,in 1882.At age 16,When Roosevelt went to boarding school he wanted to help people.Franklin D.Roosevelt became the manager of his school baseball team,and he ran the summer camp.He later became the governor of New York.Franklin D.Roosevelt was a hard working young man.

Personal Challenges

Franklin D.Roosevelt had a lot of personal challenges.In 1921,Roosevelt got a serious disease [called polio]that affected his ability to walk.He exercised diligently ,hoping he would be able to walk again.He could not walk at all after age 39.He went to Warm Springs,GA for treatment for his disease,he also built a house there.Even though Mr.Roosevelt had a terrible disease he fought it back.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a lot of good contributions.Roosevelt sometimes had to write 10 speeches a day.The next year,1929,was the start of a long period of times called the great depression .during the great depression he helped people with jobs,food,clothing,and housing.The Civilian Conservation corps was a program for the new deal,It gave workers a sense of pride.The Works Progress Administrator was also a new deal program.Roosevelt did a lot of things to help people,I hope I get to be an amazing leader someday.


Information from:American Heroes:Franklin Delano Roosevelt by:Nathan Asher Katzin