Madrid, Spain

The History, culture, and Facts of Madrid!!!


The city Madrid was founded by the emir Muhammad, or as legend tells Ocno Bianor founded the city. Madrid's first name was Mayrit. The city was ruled by Arab leaders, then King Alfonso I in 1083 took control, and Madrid was under Christian control. As hundreds of years pasted Madrid became the capital of Spain, and the jewel of the country. Madrid became the capital because of the city's location, right in the middle of the country.


Music and art are two very important things in the culture of Madrid. . There are many town squares, These parts of town are always full of life. festivals of art and dancing fill these squares.They also have many museums filled with art from all around the world. One famous art museum there is the Museo del Prado, the national art museum. Also in spain there is a very famous lengend. " Don Quixote" there by the Plaza de Espana, there is a statue of Don quixote, in the center of the plaza. His lengend is about bravery, and courage, and the lengend is embeadeding in the spainsih culture. Another big part of the culture is football. This sport dominates any other , and is very popular in other spanish speaking country's as well.

famous landmarks, and museums in madrid

Interesting Facts!!!!!

Madrid facts

*madrid is the highest capital city in Europe

*Madrid enjoys more cloudless days than almost any other city in Europe. (amazing weather)

*fourth richest city in Europe

*Plaza de Torros de las Ventas is sometimes used for bullfights

*Spain is famous for its vineyards and delicious red wine even though almost all Spanish vineyards have white grapes.

Plaza de Torros

The statium for bullfighting
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Government system

They have a city made up of 57 members, one of them is the Mayor, Ana Botella .The Plenary of the Council is the political representation of the citizens in the municipal government. they take care of the election and deposition of the Mayor, the approval and modification of decrees and regulations,and the the approval of budgets.

government type: parliamentary monarchy

Chief of state : king Juan Carlos I

Head of government : Jose Maria aznar Lopez

The City of Madrid

The city's population is 6,480,000. Majority of this population speaks Castilian Spanish (74%) Catalan (17%) Galician (7%) Basque (2%). The city's educational programs are divided into a nursery education, primary education,compulsory secondary education, and the bachillaro. The literacy rate 97% of residents 15+ can read and write. Madrid has clear sky's most days. There are hot summers , but along the coast it is more cloudy and cool. In the winter months the interior of the country can be cold.

Madrid's resources!

* coal

* iron ore

* uranium

* mercury


* fluorspar

* gypsum

* zinc

* lead

*copper etc...

No wonder there the capital city of Spain!