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Who is ready to kick it up in June???

Want credits for the Fall line in July?

Time to stack up your rewards in June!!!
For you
$100 in jewelry credits for every $1000 you sell in June!
Plus when you sponsor in June, you receive $100 jewelry credit when your new stylist hits earn first jump start reward!

For your Customers
Dot Dollars are back! For every $50 purchase, your customer will earn $25 in Dot Dollars that she can redeem on her purchase in July (July 3-11th).
**A couple of notes for redemption**
Customers must spend $50 for each $25 dot dollar they want to redeem. For example, a customer has $25 in Dot Dollars. She has to put $50 worth of product in her cart, and then can apply the $25 dot dollar to her order, essentially bringing her order down to $25.00 (plus taxes and shipping).
Dot Dollars can only be redeemed on jewelry, not bags, scarves or other non-jewelry items
You MUST enter an email address for your customers for them to earn dot dollars.
Check out answers to all your FAQs here:

For your Hostesses
Hostess Bonus Days are here!
Hostesses in June will earn an additional $50 in Style Rewards this month.
Their shows must be a minimum of $500 with 4 unique orders in order to earn the $50 bonus style rewards

For your potential Stylists
Sign up special for June!
Get an additional $100 in product of your choice when you sign up in June.
$199 sign up fee gets you $450 in free jewelry!

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Watch how to earn $1200+ in free Stella & Dot accessories plus extra cash by launching as a Stylist in June only!
Why June Is Just So Amazing!

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We have a huge group going to Hoopla and it's in VEGAS - what could be more fun than that?!?!?
REGISTER NOW - you will not regret it and you will see your business EXPLODE when you return!

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Beth Tackaberry
Director and Independent Stylist
Stella & Dot