Nicotine Inside and Out

By: Jasmine Thomas

Cardiovascular System:

- Reduces blood flow to the skin

- Increases blood pressure

- Increases risk of blood clotting

- Increases heart rate and the force of contractions


Tar is formed when tobacco burns and is a mixture of hundreds of chemicals. It causes you to have smelly hair and clothes, impaired lung function, bad breath, and brown stains on your fingers and teeth

Respiratory System:

- Increases mucus production

- Decreases muscle action in the lungs' airways

- Causes breathing to become more shallow

Withdrawal and stopping

Withdrawal from nicotine causes you to have headaches, irritability, and difficulty sleeping, inability to concentrate, and intense nicotine cravings. Don't smoke, if you do then do your best to stop because smoking can cause your body to slowly shut down, don't think it can never happen to you because it can.