Oregon Track and Field Camp

Hayley Simpkins

Oregon Track and Field Camp

Oregon Track and Field Camp is offered to kids K-12. Here at our camp, kids will learn the right running techniques, learn the right for for field events. Kids later in the camp once they figure out if they like long distance, sprints or field events, will split up into those groups. Each night, there will be a guess speaker, activities and free time for them to meet new people and make new friends. Camp costs $550 for a week. The price included lodging, food and the free shirt that campers will receive.

Oregon Track and Field

Wednesday, June 10th 2015 at 9-9:30am

1580 E 15th Ave

Eugene, OR


7-8:30: Breakfast is served

9: kids report to Hayward Track

9-12: Kids are at Camp

12-1:30- Lunch

1:30-5: Free time

5-7: Dinner is served

7-8: Guest Speaker of the Night

8-9: Activity

9-12: Free time


This camp is sponsored by Nike