Selena Gomez

BY: Dylan Williams & Austin Carter

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Love You Like A Love Song

Why Selena Gomez should come to our school

I think Selena Gomez should come to our school because she is from Texas. She can sing and dance she is a star so we should get her to come to our school. She is a great girl and she is a famous celebrity she never gets caught with drugs she’s a goody goody.

Another reason is that she is rich and she can afford the plan ride. she is nice and she is responsible she will not let you down I hope. All the kids will scream and dance and have fun. They will have the time of there life’s.

She will be nice and not get paid a lot so that helps. Are school can raise money for her to come. Only this one time please everyone would want her ok some people. But she’s so cool she’s coming.

Another reason why Selena should come to our school. Is because she could perform for us and give out signatures. Everyone could have a great time and


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