turtle wexler

tabitha ruth

personal info

I am turtle wexler AKA Tabitha ruth and I am 13 years old and I am a junior high school student

stuff to know about me


This song explains how I feel or my family feels about me :( and like this hammer it stays strong but never falls apart


internal conflict

My internal conflict is that I am neglected and no one in my family cares about me. But instead of Grace wexler being my mom Flora Baumbach is my mom but I call her Baba.

key passage #2

Here is a part in the book where me and flora Baumbach get to bond together:

Rosalie was squat and square and squinty, her protruding tongue was too large for her mouth, her head lolled to one side.

"I think I would have liked her Baba" turtle said."Rosalie looks like she was a very happy person. She must must have been nice to have around."

Key passage

"All mothers think their children are beautiful. Rosalie was an exceptional child, they said, but she was the lovingest person that ever was." "My mother doesn't think I'm beautiful." "Of course, she does."

"My mother says I looked just like a turtle when i was a baby,

sticking my head out of the blanket. Still look like a turtle, I

guess, but i don't care.

David Guetta - Titanium [Lyrics Video]