Family burned alive for life payout

By: Karla Pelayo


Armin Wand and his wife Sharon were living in a tiny village of Argyle. With their 4 kids and another on the way. Living paycheck to paycheck with barley any income. Sharon always complained about the family's money issues. Mr. wand had decided to take the issue into his own hands and burned the house down for renters insurance, burning his family to death to get life insurance money. Mr. Wand also paid his little brother $300 from the insurance money to help place pieces of paper under the bed which Sharon was sleeping on and also stashed paper near the T.V. and computer to make the fire appear electrical. The little brother then setting the couch on fire which is nephew was sleeping on and Mr. Wand locked his other children's room from the outside so they could not escape. Sharon waking up when she had caught on fire then trying to save her kids, while she was already injured. She was able to bring her daughter outside where Mr. Wand and his brother were standing. Mr. Wand had then asked his wife to move the car away from the house, while he tried to throw his daughter back into the burning house, until he saw his neighbor and he place the little girl back on the ground. The three little boys were found lying together burned to death in the bedroom. Sharon had lost her unborn child, burned about 86% of her body, is partially paralyzed, and will need an oxygen tube for the rest of her life. Mr. Wand and his little brother received life with out parole.