Digital Citizenship Project

Preston L. Period.2

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is what you do online. This is posts, picture, and anything else. People should have good digital citizenship because many people look at it. For example, a manager at a store would look at you digital citizenship when you are having a job interview.
What Is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Etiquette

Rule 1: Be Nice! You should be nice because everyone can see what you post. You need to make sure if you post something, that people you know don't get mad at it.

Information Privacy

Rule 2: Don't share personal info! If you share personal info identity thieves can make you go broke or other things like that

Social Networking

Rule 3: Be careful! Social Networking can give you new friends. It can also give your address to complete strangers. So you need to make sure that it says friends only.

Online Safety

Rule 4: Always check with your parents! Your parents should help you stay anomanus. Also, some people might bully you. If that happens, You should see a parent.


Rule 5: Be smart! Don't share passwords with anyone. Also, If a cyber bully says something bad about you, don't respond.


Rule 6: Don't copy others work. If you copy other work without a citation, you will most likely get an F. If you do put a citation, make sure it is correct. You should right where you get the information from.


Rule 7: Be creative! Copyright is so you can be creative. That is because what is on there is not able to be copied. If it is copied illegally, you can get sued and owe money.
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