Football Overrules

By: Abbi Parker

At Lake Highlands Highschool, there are multiple sports that end up being very successful in results of their season throughout the school year. Football, I believe, is considered the more favored sport among the wildcat students. Everyone coming together, as people who come to support family members, loved ones, and friends. All of us standing underneath those lights on Friday nights, wanting the win so badly. Volleyball aslo plays on Friday nights and there are many occasions where they play at the same time and both at home. How dare volleyball have their games on Fridays, knowing football will be going on at the same time? By doing this they are taking away the fans to watch their games. The football team hasn't been doing to well the past couple years, but somehow they recieve more attention money wise to get newer and improved equipment and extra things. Why don't other sports like baseball or soccer or tennis get to be awarded by doing amazing during season? Why can't the school use some of the money to improve fields or bus transportation? Because, they are not football. Football needs the new jerseys and fancy equipment. Does not all of this makes sense to you? Football deserves the special treatment and money. Why do other sports even agsist at LHHS? There is no point apperentally.

So like I was explaining to you earlier, football is a necessity. Nothing else really matters.