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Loving people so they will move forward on life's journey

WEDNESDAYS AT 6PM (1st-4th & 5th-6th Groups)

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Are you ready for Sunday?

One great way to prepare for Sunday is by listening to the music we will be singing together. Click the button below and you will be able to listen ahead of time.
Prepare for Worship

Listen to the songs we will sing this week as you prepare to participate in worship.

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Fall Event

October 22 - Our fall outreach event will be at the Crowley Fall Community Event. Watch for a sign-up soon!!

Please feel free to reach out to Tim Gould (timgould69@gmail.com or 817-586-5884) with questions regarding our Community Engagements Events, or ideas for Community Engagement Events you would be willing to host.

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Sunday August 28

There will be a potluck lunch and then church conference on Sunday Aug 28. On the agenda for the church conference is:

1. Presentation and Discussion of a schedule change for Sundays.

2. A report from our Bylaws Committee.

3. A motion from our Committee on Committees.

4. Update on our financial position.

5. Fall Calendar Updates

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NEW Sermon Series Begins September 11

Jesus sends his followers out on a mission. In that style, THE ONE, was developed as an encouragement for each of us to be engaged in the mission God has for us.

Go and make disciples of all the nations....

The mission of FBC is to make disciples of all the residents in Crowley and the surrounding area.

How do YOU fit into that mission? Have you considered that question? You have a mission that helps to achieve the larger mission of FBC which helps achieve the Great Commission that Jesus gave before he ascended to the Father.

This series of messages is taken from Matthew 10

Sept 11 - The Mission (1-8)

Sept 18 - The Environment (8-15)

Sept 25 - The Threats (16-25)

Oct 2 - The Tactics (26-31)

Oct 9 - The Responsibilities (32-42)

I encourage you to begin praying through this chapter and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts to better understand the situation, the mission, and the opportunity.

Who’s Your One Promo Video- Shane Pruitt

Pick Up Your Material

THIS SUNDAY be sure to pick up your Who's Your One materials in the foyer. Here is what we have for you:

1. Bookmark with ways to pray and a place to put the name of your one God wants you to share the gospel with this month.

2. Hand Out Cards - these can help you as you have a gospel conversation where the option opens to talk about Jesus.

3. Prayer and Study Book - this will help you engage spiritually in this opportunity.

Who's Your One?

October Emphasis on Fasting

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Prayer Lunch October 2

That's not a typo! We are going to have a prayer lunch on October 2 as we start the month of fasting. As incredible as that seems it is possible. Watch this video to know more about fasting.

Each person will be encouraged to "fast" on a day in October. During this time of fasting you are to focus on the Lord. A prayer guide will be provided for you. The purpose is so that we can experience the presence of God in new ways and to seek the Lord's face concerning the needs of our church.
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We Need You

A brand new hospitality team is being formed and we need you!

So many of you are a delight to be around and we think it's time to put those smiles to work. Look for a form next in Church Talk that you can fill out showing your interest. What kind of things need to be done?

Open the campus

Close the campus

Door greeters

Parking Lot helpers

Greeters at the entrances


Sign up today!

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C – Choice, not chance, directs one’s destiny
H – Honouring God’s gift to man to freely choose
O – Opportunity that hands you a lemon to make a lemonade, but
I - Indecision, indifference would decide you life’s fate. However,
C – Courage to stand firm on your chosen decision
E – Elevates you among the happy people who chose their success paths.

by Paul Sebastian

Please join with us on Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m. in the conference room to pray for Pastor Aaron, the church staff, and the needs of the church as well as pray for the day’s event - Bible study and the worship service.

Below are some items that can be used as your guideline for praying each day this week:

  1. Praise the Lord for the ten (10) children who participated in Elevate last Wednesday and ask that He continue send them to us.
  2. Pray that the Lord will continue to encourage the workers, youth and adults, to just love on the children that He sends our way .
  3. Pray for Pastor Aaron as he prepares and delivers the message on Sunday, August 28th, 2022, from Matthew 7:24-27 that talks about “You Become What You Do”.
  4. Ask our Heavenly Father to help each of us to …ask, seek, and knock.
  5. Pray that our Lord God will help His people to make good life choices and that they will ask the Holy Spirit to help them be aware of where their life is going.
  6. Pray that God’s people will seek His guidance regarding how their minds are being shaped and to be aware of the fruit that their lives are bearing.
  7. Ask our Heavenly Father to help His children to knock on His door as its relates to how their hearts are being shaped and the loyalty choices they need to make.
  8. Thank the Lord for the financial support of the church by the people during the usually lean summer month of July and the first couple of weeks into August.
  9. Pray that our Heavenly Father will guide Pastor Jaime Perez as he leads Iglesia Vida Nueva (Hispanic church).
  10. Pray for Dexter Laureano as he leads the Redeemer Community Church (Filipino congregation).
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7 Things You Can Do If You Want Things to Change

Clearly, you should pray. God uses our circumstances to push us closer to him. But what practical responses should you formulate?

Many natural instincts are unhelpful in situations like this. Being impatient, critical, and blaming others is counterproductive.

So what do you do?

....Read the Article...

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  1. Community Engagement Team: for more information please contact Tim Gould.
  2. Children's Ministry - Wednesday nights at 6pm.
  3. Church Conference and Lunch Aug 28 @ Noon

About Us

1. We desire to see every person in Crowley and the near regions become disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. We are a Bible-believing church. Our command from God is to make disciples. However, that looks and feels different than it did when I was a kid! People are farther away from God than ever before. It takes more "touches" and deeper relationships before there can be spiritual conversations.

2. We will love people so they can move forward on life's journey. We have been saying this for a few months now, but want to keep saying it until we live it out everywhere we go! Because people are farther away from God than ever before we must choose to love them with patience, kindness, respect, and conversations - many conversations! We have to respect them as humans before we can discuss other matters. We must be patient with people as they work through the trauma that church and Christians have given over the years.

3. We have established a code of conduct for the FBC family:

  • Accept — We provide a welcoming, non-judgmental and safe space where you can take steps of spiritual growth. We are a group open to new ideas and people. We would love to meet you.
  • Recognition — We find the good in people and love to share it with others. We would love to get to know you.
  • Inspire — We motivate to mobilize people to fulfill their God-given potential. Let us help you reach the heights for which you are designed.
  • Serve — We engage our church and community by service projects, providing help when possible and sharing community resources.
  • Evangelism — We want to build real, trusting, relationships in order to share the gospel of Jesus Christ that leads to life transformation.

4. Basic Beliefs - Click for a PDF.