~Plane Crash~ Russia strikes again

The Heart Breaking Story Behind MH-17

Where did it begin?

Do you remember how September 11, 2001 started as any normal day? No one expected that upset, nor did they expect what happened with MH-17. It was a bright, sunny July day, and people were bustling through AMS (Amsterdam) International Airport. The starch white boarding passes all read: July 14, 2014 ASM to KUL. Every passenger was excited for their flight to Malaysia, but little did they know, they'd never make it.

~The Creepiest Photo Ever taken~

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"Should we go missing, this is what we look like." Captioned by a local florist, this was the last post from the young couple local to Amsterdam.


Above Ukraine, and the flight is going smooth. Nothing seems out of sort, until the bomb detonates above the cockpit, splitting into bullets, which fire into the cockpit. The captain and first officer die, and the plane crashes,