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Feature Teacher - Allison Haltom, ENL

This edition's feature teacher is our own Allison Haltom. I asked Allison to give us some background about her journey in education. She also shared an article for us to consider.

Ask yourself, "What about this article confirms my thinking, challenges my thinking, or what questions do I have about it?"

Allison shares...

I started my education journey in a 6th grade science classroom In Tulsa, Oklahoma with 40+ kids for 120 minute blocks. Everything got easier from there. We moved to Plano, Texas where I taught 6th grade science, social studies and language arts. Our small family moved to Indiana to be closer to our families when our first born was 12 days old.

I stayed at home for 11 years and was active in the schools before I took my first job in HSE. I taught RtI for Kindergarteners at Hoosier Road until the ENL position dropped into my lap. I love this job. I adore these kids and I have been so lucky that this position found me. I get to see fantastic things all over the school every day in such diverse classrooms. It's heart-warming to see the learning opportunities presented to the ELLs on a daily basis. They are lucky to have you all.

I wanted to highlight a great article from Colorin, Colorado. They have a wealth of articles about English Language Learners. This article can also be a good reminder for all learners as we get ready to step into the new year. I made my first Piktograph to share the highlights if you don't have time for the article.

Allison's article is below. I've placed her Piktograph in my TDS file and added the hyperlink below. If you cannot access it, please let us know.

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Experimenting with Documentation - Spring Semester

Make it work for YOUR classroom!

There has been a great deal of talking, reflecting, thinking, looking, and experimenting going on in our hallways. (Did I mention that I've shared images of your work with other buildings in HSE? So MANY ways - not one "right" way!)

It's been so fun to see teachers and students get excited about showing off their hard work. That in and of itself is not a novel idea, of course; the experimenting revolves around HOW the student work is displayed - the photos, the student writing, the trial and error, the process, and the reflection. As you roll into January, keep your eye out for worthy work that might spill out into our hallways. What parts of documentation seem particularly powerful for your students at your grade? What might you experiment with this semester? What ideas can we bounce off one another and try together...?


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