Globe Theater

By Jake L, Jake S, KC, and Matt C

Shakespeare and The Globe Theater

-1596, London band public presentation of plays

-In 1613 the Globe Theater burn down

-Shakespeare helped rebuild the theater

-Look up theater was torn down and never rebuilt

Globe Theater History

-Original theater burned to the ground in 1613

-First Globe Theater was built in 1599

-The flag of the Globe Theater depicted Hercules with the world on his shoulders

-The motto was "All the world's a stage"

Structure of The Globe Theater

-100 feet in diameter

-capacity for 1,500 audience members

Globe Theater Popularity

-Globe theater was a booming business

-Elizabethan plays were as popular as the movies and cinemas of early 20th century

-The Elizabethan Theater was an expanding industry during Elizabethan Era

-The excitement, money, and fame lured Elizabethan Theater entrepreneurs and actors into working in the famous Elizabethan Theater