Join the People of the Town!

Join us, we know what you want and why you want it!

Join the most understand group of people in the town!

We are fighting for our and your right, as well as suffrage! Join us because we know what you want!

Join us on Friday for our first protest!

We will be protesting for our suffrage so we have the right to vote for the people we want in power!

We guarantee we will gain freedom and more right if all the people join!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing it? Because we want to get suffrage and gain more power/rights.

Whats the point? We can make a difference if we unite.

When will it take place? Every Tuesday and Friday..

Where? In Manchester Square.

Suffrage Rights Protest!

Tuesday, Sep. 17th 1833 at 2pm

Fitzhardinge Street


Come join us to protest for suffrage!