Room Eleven Express

First Grade Updates - Final Edition


Room 11 Families, I cannot thank you enough for your support and generosity this year! Thank you for all the gifts, but more importantly, thank you for the continued support you've provided throughout the year. We've collaborated, connected, and worked as a team to help support your children and their goals! On to 2nd grade! As a final thank you, please enjoy the video we made for you!

"Leave the World Better"

Have a great summer!

Ms. Rallis

Rainbow Connection 2017
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Last Day - Photo by Evan

Reading over the Summer!

Make sure you visit the Deerfield Public Library and join their Summer Reading Program! Remember to use all your great reading strategies when you go on new "adventures":

~Chunk tough words

~Scoop your sentences

~Read smooth like butter

~Make predictions

~Think about the character

~Retell the important parts to a parent

~Think about the lesson

Write about all your adventures!

Authors, make sure you keep writing! Grab a journal and...

* Write about a small moment from vacation (swimming, going to the park, a plane ride)

* Teach us about something new you learn

* Review a new restaurant, movie, or book

* Create another series!

I would love to read your writing over the summer months! Send me a picture!

Math Talk


I want to say how proud I am of you for embracing "math talk" in our classroom. You have really grown as math thinkers and collaborators. I know it can often take more time to talk out a math problem, but think about how much more you understand the problem after you discuss it! Remember, math is all around you! Over the summer...

*Log into ST Math from home

*Complete the TenMarks Summer Challenge

*Help your parents count out money at the store

*Only use an analog clock!

*Create your very own challenge story problems

A Word from Room 11! "My favorite part of First Grade was..."

Nikita - "boxing our sets because we got to put our own stories in our boxed sets."

Jacob - "making new friends."

Alex - "boxing our series sets."

Leorah - "seeing our friends."

Evan - "reading workshop."

Emily - "being in the best class in the whole wide world and seeing all my friends!"

Riley - "friends!"

Chloe - "reading all our read aloud books."

Wesley - "school!"

Henry - "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the book and the movie, and meeting all my new friends."

Max H. - "watching Alice in Wonderland because I never saw it before and I was really excited."

Erin - "Field Day."

Mila - "getting Ms. Rallis as our teacher."

Elizabeth - "having the PAWS Assembly."

Maya - "meeting my teacher and all of my friends."

Eve - "meeting new people and playing with all new friends and old friends."

Andrei - "making the life-sized penguins."

Max B - "going to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum."

Ava - "getting Ms. Rallis as my teacher and playing with Chloe."

Ms. Rallis- "seeing each child in this class grow!"

Stay in Touch!

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*I should respond within 24 hours during the work week.*

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