The Realistic Party


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Government funded healthcare is important to our party because there shouldn’t government-funded healthcare programs. We feel that everyone should be responsible for their own healthcare plans.

Pros of Healthcare

The pros of having government-funded programs are it could be beneficial to the people who are disabled or temporarily out of work. Also, people would have an easier time starting their own businesses if healthcare was provided. Another pro is that people with pre-existing conditions that are not affordable would still be able to get health coverage.
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Cons of Healthcare

The cons of government funded healthcare are there would be a raise in taxes, or spending cuts would be made, and a lack of motivation to work. Also, patients may have to wait long periods of times for treatment to be done.

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The Realistic Party's Stance

We think that if there is government funded healthcare programs it should only be for those who can prove that they are disabled to work or temporarily out of work. The ones who are temporarily out of work are allowed to use the healthcare no more than one year.