East Allen University

Community Newsletter - October

From the Principal's Desk

It is hard to believe, but East Allen University has been open for eight years. We have had four graduating classes and we are rapidly headed for number five this school year. Nearly 70% of our students have earned an Associate’s Degree (60 plus college credits) and a high school diploma in only four years. As EAU continues to turn out exceptional results, more students are choosing EAU as their school of choice. Any student who is currently an 8th grader can apply to attend EAU the following year. The application process is simple, but the academic qualifications are rigorous. Applications are posted on our website and hard copies of the application are in the main office of our facility. If you have a student that is interested in EAU, please apply soon.


Doug Hicks

A Student's Perspective - Chloe Miller

East Allen University, home to the Bluejays. An early college program with countless academic opportunities, most of which is based on a core 40 diploma and the opportunity of up to 60 college credits. We, students, are being challenged every day to do our personal best. We have the support of the staff and our peers to continue to persevere through the considerably demanding academic pathway we have set before us. While enduring these courses, we are given many offers of aid and assistance. We are offered tutoring, not only during school hours but also before and after school, with the Trailblazer Before and After School program, through Vincennes University. We have a handful of activities that we offer to students over the school year, some being our annual back-to-school bash, spirit week, fall/winter dances, and prom. We like to engage in team-building exercises, so along with these activities, we often have events included. We have games such as kickball and tug-of-war included in our back-to-school bash, powder puff or soccer during spirit week, and game tournaments during our dances. Our student body is heavily encouraged to participate in these events, and we are able to make suggestions to our representatives in the student council and our teachers who lead the activities. Many of us current students and alumni consider EAU to be a positive and accepting environment, not only for social interactions but also for our academic journey. We consider some of the best things about EAU to be the freedoms we are given, the positive relationships between the students and teachers, and the diverse communities we are exposed to.

Counselor's Corner

On October 2nd, EAU's National Honor Society inducted one of its largest group of students to date. Students are invited to participate in this prestigious organization based on GPA (minimum 3.5), excellent attendance, stellar behavior, and desire to be a servant leader. Congratulations to these EAU superstars!

Also, EAU will be hosting a Reach IU Event for the Fort Wayne area on November 6th, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Reach IU is for 8th-10th graders and their parents to introduce them to beginning to think about college. There will be a resource fair, informational meeting, and breakout sessions. EAU is honored to be the host school for this event. More details will be coming soon!

Foreign Language at EAU

¡Hola, amigos!

I have the privilege of sharing my love of Spanish with your students! I love that knowing Spanish allows me to connect and communicate with 500 million more people in the world! Even with living in Fort Wayne, IN, I find ways to use Spanish outside of the classroom weekly, if not daily. My desire is to spark a passion in students to learn Spanish well enough to communicate with Spanish-speakers, to appreciate the diversity that is all around us, and to broaden their global perspective. Some of the students’ favorite lessons about Spanish and its people are when they get to share about their families when they learn about and prepare traditional foods, when they have a fashion show after they have learned about clothing, and when they celebrate holidays that are important to Spanish-speakers.

Far and away the best way to learn and use Spanish as well as broaden global perspectives is through travel. It is my favorite thing to do! I love to meet new people, experience new cultures, try new foods, see amazing sights, and put my Spanish to use! I am so excited to be leading a group of students in July 2020 to Ecuador! We will have the chance to see volcanoes, hot springs, the Equator, the Andes Mountains, the Amazon rain forest, and more! This will be the trip of a lifetime for the students and myself!

I look forward to another great year here at EAU! ¡Adiós, amigos!

Señora Grubbs

Update from VU

Senior Audits

Do you know how your college credits will transfer to your selected college after graduation? Do you have questions about college credits and the Associates? Sign up for one on one audits November 4 - November 8.

Career Coaching Grant

We are committed to your success!! Parents and adult family members, would you like to explore career options or discover the career that fits your purpose? The career navigation program for adults will offer college-level courses for free, paid internships, free career coaching/job placement, industry field trips, and even the opportunity for a business certificate. Please contact Dr. West at 260-446-0240 extension 7502 or onance@vinu.edu.

Trailblazer Grant

On October 17, 22, 23, and 24, students will be participating in service events to support Meals on Wheels and Operation Gratitude. The students will be making placemats for Meals on Wheels, Holiday Cards for the Troops, and Paracord Bracelets for Operation Gratitude.