Star Wars The Force Awakens Book Ed

The new Star Wars, The Force Awakens is out in a book.

Fake?..... nope

The book is out in stores with the whole story beginning to end with the actual story instead of a fake.

How long has it been out?

Surprisingly it has been out secretly right after the movie came out but was not in stores.

About the story.

It's about a girl named Rey who lives on a planet called Jakku and she takes parts from a crashed imperial ship. She would go inside and take parts off of it that are really useful and then she takes it to a town and trades it for food and money. As she goes back to the ship she sees a little droid getting droid napped from an alien. She goes over to the squealing droid and saves it and claims it. She takes it to the trade center with her ship parts and trades the parts in. The trader looks at the droid and puts a ton of money and food on the counter and she says no to it.