Photography & Photoshop;)

By: Megan Winkle


Photoshop is a program that allows you to change pictures around to the way you would like it. It allows you to do many different edits and effects. If you have never used photoshop I think you should go on it and just see what you can do. Once your play around on it and you figure out how to use it, it is very fun to play around on!

Studying Independently

I did like doing this project but for me personally its hard for me to stay focused when I don't have someone telling me too. I enjoyed being able to do our project on our own interest. Having a agenda will help you stay on track. It allows you to plan what your going to do each day and it helps you get everything complete that needs to be done in the time you have.

Why did I pick this? Why would it be important in life?

I enjoy taking pictures but Its also fun to edit them! I picked this topic because I wanted to learn how to make things look true that aren't. It is important in life because when you do school projects or any presentation you know how to make things look nice and presentable.

I learned many different things on both my camera and photoshop

On my camera

  • How to use every button
  • How to focus the picture
  • Hows to zoom in and out clearly
On photoshop

  • How to use the different filters
  • Hows to make blurry
  • How to use the drawing and erasing tool
  • How to change backgrounds
  • How to change the colors and lighting's
  • And many more things!

My resources

I did most of my researched on watching videos on youtube and the adobe website to watch tutorials. They were very useful and taught me many new things I didn't know.

PIctures I took:)