How to make a Diamond Kite!

Quad D project

If you want to know about any kites. Go here

Get the materials for making a Diamond kite

What you need to make a Diamond kite is.... Fabric, String, Wood dowels, Cloth Tape, Two Jumbo sticks , Toothpick, Sharpie, Yard Stick.

Make a model of what you are going to do!

You need to make model before you start doing everything. You need to know how long it is going to be and the colors. Doing this first helps you decide what going to happen and to understand what and how the kite is going to work.

Let Do some math problems before making are kite!

Problem 1

PROBLEM ONE: Under the direction of Harry Osborne, the Edmonds Community College kite team kept a parafoil in the air from August 21 to August 29, 1982. Their 180 hour, 17 minute flight created a world record for duration flying. If there we eight members of the team, and each took three hour shifts watching the kite, how many shifts would each team member be responsible for? Answer: You would divide 8 and 3 and you will get 2.6666666

Problem 2

PROBLEM TWO: In 1820, George Pocock connected several large kites to a carriage and pulled it from Southampton to London. Since road taxes were based on the number of horses used to pull a carriage, he was able to avoid any taxes! The 60 mile trip took two hours. Modern kite buggies now go twice as fast but seldom go as far. How fast was the carriage moving? Answer: You divide 60 miles and 2 hours and you get 30. It was moving 30.

Let start making are Diamond kite now!

Lets make the Diamond!

Get the Fabric out and lay it out. Make sure it is on the side that you do not want. Get the yard stick and measure it about 26 inches from top to bottom and side to side. Now you have a cross. Now get the yard stick and connect the side to the top together. Keep doing that. When you are done cut it out. Now you have your diamond.

Making a Diamond kite

Making the Brindle line and the fly line

Making Brindle line!

Make two hole on the fabric from top to bottom and spread the holes out. Get the string out and put the string though the hole to the other hole. Then tie it together. Now do that on the bottom.

Making the flyline

Get your ribbon out or string. Now get a stick and wrap the string or ribbon around it about 10 inches. Tape the string that is left to the Kite and now you just made a Diamond kite

You just made a Diamond kite

Surface Area

We broke are kite into triangles. All of the sides were different. The first triangle was 195.5 cm. The second one was 184 cm. The third one was also 184 cm and the last one was 172.5 cm. The Surface area was 736 centimeters.

Hope you have fun with your Diamond kite!