Things about Hachiko

Hachiko is a faithful dog after the death of his master he waited at the train station every morning for 9 years until the dog itself passed away. he is a male and he is brown and golden. people who saw Hachiko with his master they understood the faith for his master!!!! he was born in November 10, 1923 he died on March 8, 1935at the age of 11he died over Terminal Cancer and a Fliariel Infection whitch was worms ? He is from Tokyo Japan!!!!

Some more facts

Hachi is short for Hachiko and he was given away 7 times to different owners he was Akita Living in the 1920's Japan with his owner. Hidesabruro ueno at the train station around 5 o clock in the evening to walk home with him!!! one day Ueno suffered over a stroke at the University whitch he taught at and died at. Hachiko is TRUE STORY