The Bio

Daniel felt the pressure of teenage life more in his junior year than any other. He had girlfriend problems and stress from school. Without coping mechanisms he fell to bad habits.

Test 1

Daniel was taking AP stats which was one of the major contributing factors to his mounting stress levels. The curriculum was now finished and the class has started review to fill time and hone the statistic skills previously learned in anticipation of the fast approaching AP exam, The review is rigorous on account of all the material to recover in significantly less time. The assignments are seemingly never ending with the monotony of showing work, a constant. Daniel needed to change his nonexistent work habits in order to pull a decent grade out of the class and hopefully pass the exam. The problem is that he lacks motivation to do anything really but waste time. He'll tell himself at night that he'll finish it before class the next day, and the next day he'll ignore the work and not do it all together. He got a report card today with the inadequate grades and knew that inquisitive parents, and possible grounding were in his future. Instead of taking the criticism Daniel was contemplating ways around the grades.

The Bad Reaction

Daniel receives a bad report card and knows that the report will end in being grounded. He decides to not take home the report card and keep the constant work habits. As time till the exam draws nearer Daniel does little to prep. Test day he walks into CVCC and is completely overwhelmed with confusion upon working on the exam. He fails it and loses the possible college credit.

The Good Reaction

Daniel receives a bad report card and knows the report will end in being grounded. He takes the report home knowing nothing good will come of it and will have to explain all the low grades. He doesn't like being yelled at and after the list of punishments decides to change his study habits. He starts to understand Stats class and not hate going. Exam day comes and Daniel is prepared. He goes into the facility and is challenged but pulls through and scores a level 4 on the exam.

Test 2

Daniel works after school with his grandfather welding. He gets chastised when late for being unreliable and yet still spends a small amount of time after fourth period with his girlfriend or friends. He tries to make up the time through driving at an excessive speed only slowing down at the previously observed speed traps. Today Daniel had spent more time than accustomed socializing, he had to go excessively over the general excessive speed and had lost control after looking down to change the song. He drifted into a car that had just pulled out. Daniel paid for his car and pays for his insurance. He was trying to make the snap decision of how to handle his current predicament through fleeing the scene or staying for the profound increase in pay.

The Good Reaction

Daniel stays to swap insurance information. He gets out of the car and walks over to the other car at which no one has gotten out. He cautiously approaches the door and sees an elderly woman leaning against the steering wheel with a gash on her forehead. He calls 911 and an ambulance shortly arrives. Without anyone to ride with the woman Daniel gets into the ambulance to go with her to the hospital. When the doctor came out with the report he said she was going to have a ruff night but likely survive, if she had bled much longer she would have likely died. Daniel has to make the increased insurance payments, but has no guilty conscience over a lost life.

The Bad Reaction

Daniel flees the scene as fast as his broken car will allow. He goes to his grandfathers and asks for help. His grandfather understands the gravity of the situation and agrees to help fix Daniels civic. Daniel reads in the newspaper a few days later that a recent hit and run has ended in the death of an elderly woman. The cops have witnesses and are now searching for the culprit. Daniel gets caught days later at his house, and is sent to a juvenile detention center.

Test 3

Daniel progressed through high school making the top ten percent of his senior year. After college he went to the military and became a logistics manager. He was in charge of recording the amount of packages coming in and out. The army had made a drug bust and sent the drugs to his warehouse to be inventoried. A shady figure approached Daniel prior to with information on the drugs and had asked Daniel if he wanted to make a lot more money. All he had to do was write down 10 ounces instead of 15.

The Bad Reaction

Daniel decided the profit was irresistible and agreed to proceed. The missing drugs went unnoticed and Daniel walked away without a scratch and a fatter wallet. A few weeks later a similar deal was proposed, Daniel decided that the profit margin again was to much to pass up on, but this time he was more uneasy. It was a bigger bust this time so more people were likely to keep up with it. He proceeded regardless and got busted. He was sent to prison and given dishonorable discharge.

The Good Reaction

After the conversation Daniel Immediately went to his boss and reported the incident. The boss was asked Daniel to get back in touch with the guy and to accept his offer and they would trap the criminal within his plan. The got the guy, and Daniel was promoted to make more money than he would have going with the plan initial proposal.

Test 4

Much later in life, at 87, Daniel got approached to do a job. He was going to be commissioned at the retirement home he was in and to sit like he was asleep until someone came by and entered the code to open the sealed doors. One of the elders at the home was planning an escape and wanted Daniel to help out.

The good reaction

Daniel didn't want to make anyone angry but knew that people could get hurt if he figured out the code and told someone else. He decided to not get involved and was happy he did. There was a whole group of senile old folks who wouldn't make it far without breaking a hip. A few of the group were on oxygen and had obviously not thought out the plan very well.

The bad reaction

Daniel wanted some spending money for his lady friend in the home. He decided that there was no harm in pretending to sleep so he went through with it. He didn't want to escape the home with the delinquents, so he just gave them the code and let them do the rest. The next day when Daniel woke up there were cops everywhere, one of the senile's had been forgotten by the rest and left behind. Being winter it didn't take long for hypothermia to set in, and the elder was near death when found by some late night partiers. Daniel was of course the only one remembered by the old person. Being at the age he was there was no real punishment for Daniel, but he was forced to leave the retirement home.
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