Andrew Jackson

"For The People"

Killing the National Bank

Some people like the national bank, but Jackson wanted to get rid of it. He thought it was unconstitutional and wasn't needed, because the word"Bank" was not in the constitution. When there was a bill sent to him about wanting another national bank he quickly vetoed it.The Congress didn't agree with with Jackson but Jackson ignored them.

"Trail of Tears"

The "Trail of Tears" is referenced, when President Jackson used his army to force Indian Tribes out of Georgia to Oklahoma. As the U.S. Army pushes them west, over 50% of the Indians die from starvation or the grueling winter cold. The army even supplied food and refurnished their wagons, but it was of no use. The army's help did not provide much relief to the Indians.The government didn't support the relocation but didn't want to intervene,but some were okay with it because they got more land.

Worcester .VS. Georgia

After the Cherokee were defeated and they stopped fighting, they decided to try legally to keep their land. The court decided the Cherokee nation was practically their own country and could do whatever they wanted. Jackson didn't agree and proceeded to find a way to push them off their land. He ignored the court and did it any way and no one would attempt to impeach him because they would lose their jobs.

Letter to the Editor (Cherokee)

Dear Editor,

I don't understand whats happening, but everyone says they are making us leave and giving us new land. I have watched a lot of people die from hunger and exhaustion and even from the cold weather. When we stop they get mad at us and shout. I asked mom why we didn't fight back and she said it was a useless battle. Writing this letter took up my short break and I have to go.

-Cherokee Child (10 years old)

Letter to the Editor (Plantation Owner)

Dear Editor,

I think Jackson did the right thing shutting down the back since they were nothing but mean to us.The bank was always in favor of the Northern states. Jackson is an amazing president. I agree when he says the bank is unconstitutional despite what congress says.

-Plantation Owner "Common Man"