By- Regan Todd , Dean Del Valle, Kevin Tarpley

How she became a goddess

Aphrodite became a god when she mysteriously Arrived. She came with the west wind She rose out of the water on a cushion of foam. She was so pretty the wind almost lost it's breath. With the soft wind she was blown over to a flowering island Named Cythera. The graces welcomed her ashore. The three graces were the goddesses of beauty. The goddesses gave her a shimmery dress and sparkling jewels. She sat on a golden chariot that was pulled by doves. She was on her way to Olympus. When she got To Olympus She was sat upon a golden thrown And was Officially a god.

The Fight for her hand

All of the Gods wanted to be with Aphrodite. To prevent fights Zeus picked someone for her quickly. He picked Hephaestus because he was the steadiest god. Aphrodite had a son named Eros He loved bows and arrows. He shot his golden areos into the hearts of people Which made them love With the first person they saw. Once a year Aphrodite Returned to Cythera and dived into the sea From where she had first arrived . She rose young and beautiful again. Aprodite would have rather had her husbands brother as her husband other than Hephaestus.
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